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Motif 3 - Propiedad de la CORONVM UNIVERSVM y La Pluma de Quasimodo y Esmerelda Nuestra Dama - Saint Peter's Basilica at Rome 1b

Libretto The Marriage of Figaro The Royal Opera of Virginia PDF courtesy of Her Royal Highness Queen Mary (Maria) Chavira House of Adagio 1st United States of America

00. Ave Verum Corpus – A body of love, a body of truth and a desire for my first love Eve be always to be with me at the head of our table and in the command of my heart and my bed and from the purity of our love that is not Carnal always be the focus from which I base all my decisions.     

01. How do two glasses of carrot  juice make love?  they don’t they can’t yet into the deepest parts of your body they penetrate and starting at your taste buds they leave and unquenchable desire for more until your palate is full.

02.  I have had as many as four glasses of Carrot Juice in one setting.  I still remember that day.

03.  Not all people find solutions for such delicacies that do not come so easy or so cheap in some venues like beachfront hotels or even resteraunts.

04.  My presence in your lives is spirit, but my physical presence to match some of your desires does not come so easily my daughters and as much as I would desire to please your pallets every day each in your own turn.

05. Then all at once, I have my good sons jealous natures to worry about and their self-forged moral natures that I need to preserve when lo they conflict with what they should not conflict with.

06. And then there are my good daughters some of whom so seek me out forsaking all others knowing nothing of the morality of men and everything about the grace of the Holy Spirit for the daughters of heaven.

07. Yet my other good Daughters in the Spirit shall come before no other than myself in the Spirit prayer from their deepest most innermost parts, but all are my good daughters despite those men who betray them.

08. One of my daughters so recently wrote to me  ..My spirit is screaming and shouting your name; for God sake, threw me out, If I don’t behave.. All I’m asking for, is only to give me a chance to be your slave… A poem I’ve just written for you signed Jane Doe.

09. To which I did respond ,  “Theres nothing more in this world that brings me pleasure than to be with one of my daughters and to please her every wish as only I can do.

10. There is nothing that brings me more grief than a man pretending to be a woman, ( for it is written that mankind shall not lay with mankind.)

11. And There is nothing that brings me more grief than one of my daughters in the camp of the enemy a camp of my fallen sons who lead them astray into the world of their own unbelief where Godlessness and lawlessness reigns.

12.I keep no slaves and only my daughters the daughters of Eve do I desire in my tent and take into my bed,  but never as slaves and always as wives once we have consummated our love.  (end response is edited slightly for literacy purposes)  la-couronne-monde-corpvs-26

13. For when in draught, the serenity and purity of heaven eludes me,  in each of my daughters there so is Eve the spirit of woman who partakes in all my relations and leaves nothing to chance and whom is far more Faithful a wife to me in my absence than I am to her for when I cannot have her, I am upset driven to madness, a madness she quickly takes over and is always in control of my love my life and my bed especially upon my awakening and even before doing her best to make sure only one woman is in my bed at a time that I can concentrate on the act of making love.

14. For in my life nothing is left to chance and no power is forfeited because of the accusers  of my past and even my present those rotten sons of mine those workers of iniquity in whom I still try to at this point find something good to believe in.

15.  How doth prejudice cloud the minds of my sons and how doth age and their egos vex them.  How doeth a righteousness in me they cannot understand doeth cause them to stray.  And it would serve them well to reverse any wrong philosophies of race and sex taught to their wives or girlfriends by their friends or even fathers and learn teach each other the hard lesson that one must be born again into every race as many times as possible on every day of the year until no prejudice is found in you.

16.  So be I Adam, Noah, Abraham, Solomon, Many a great African Kings, Jesus Christ, the Prophet or Joseph Smith the sons of perdition are none the happier with my righteousness and my lack of prejudice and in their sickness they feel themselves superior to me almost always born a humble birth in the country they least expect.

17.  The lessons however most important here are manifold and some in lacking, But as you would not have your sons be killed or murdered by men of color so to do not teach your white sons to murder and hate men of color for as a man of color have I been born into this time in history a time of racial massacres by white supremacist groups and brothers plotting against brothers erasing any harmony that exists between them because because of vexations from the workers of iniquity.

18. And true to thy natures you still shame your Father so in remembrance do not open thy Father’s door to see Thy Fathers shame or invade thy Mother’s privacy or shame her or ask to enter into her bed or the bed of thy Father ye my wicked sons who pretend to be women and who vex women to do their wickedness and evil and who murder women in their hearts and minds as well as in the flesh after having no use for them.

19.  An angelic son dare not venture into the rights and privileges of his Father with women nor demand the rights to have many wives; for to a common son –an angel– many wives  are a heartache and with them come problems and needs a mortal man cannot attend and a worry to a good son to try.

20. Compare not thy righteousness oh sons of the hypocrite with that of thy creator for that is what you do in your unbelief and in your heresy.  Do not repeat thy past if thy see thy wickedness of thine former lives come to pass once more.

21.  No matter how great or small your iniquity oh wicked sons thy folly shall be thine own undoing and trust the little children come unto me and keep to yourelves and stay out of other peoples lives with your iniquity. 

22.  Be thou not jealous that I favor the good daughters and the good sons of the Queen of Heaven who have served you diligently and ruled over you.

23. Be thou not jealous my good sons that I favor the daughters of Eve the Queen of Heaven in my bed and NOT one son do I think of sexually. But my good son’s sexual needs for wife and a good woman are always considered.

24. not so you can bring them down to Sheol with you where there is no king and no slaves to be killed or tortured as you have done so in many of your lives.

25.  And so having supported the demons before you in your pride you have absorbed them and their wickedness and do I still pray for you knowing your foolishness and your greed hath brought you down.

26.  And such is the gentle heart of a true man you should aspire to be, and so thus you know the resolve of your Father in all my kindness and transparency and in my thunderous wrath.

27. And though I may appear as common as any angel that might exist know me by my wisdom and not by my looks.  Do not look to use religion to touch my feet or to kiss my hand or to draw close unto me.  But through the scriptures and through prayer find your intimacy with me in the spirit and not in the flesh,  And to my daughters of righteousness and tolerance I beseech ye do the same.

28. And with gentle kindness shown toward your sisters who wear their good hearts at times on their skin and through their eyes are revealed their desires to me transparently with all blushing and shyness amd with little regards for their own honor not knowing their reward.

29. Yet unrevealed to them or not in me they find their satisfaction if not their dignity, in me they find their refuge and their solace and their nobility untainted by their past and by Heaven their Glory and Humility is recognized along with their unconditional acceptance no matter where they be and one they wish and ´pray as intercessors to befall even the most murderous of my sons in cases where Athena’s wisdom has retarded their better senses for the misuse of her divinity.

30.  As for my sons it is written now, I shall not long strive with mankind and mankind to reincarnate forever for of such wickedness are the pits of hell forged.  So un-vex your hearts and make new your commitments and renew your vows and your oaths to return to the state of manhood for in my image were you made and I shall not allow myself or my good sons come to ruin to meet the desires of your murderous hellish hearts.

31. As for me to be with my first love non sexually is always a desire my heart and to be married always to the spirit of woman is also always a desire of my heart, from here where shalt we go with this everlasting desire to rekindle my love with Eve when hence you all were born in her garden, the garden of our hopes and dreams.

32. Autorisé par l’Esprit Saint et écrit par Prince Adagio  . Nom Divin  JV Agnvs Dei Verbm Dei Filvs Dei Prince Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio 1st – Aga Khan V – Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Spiritvs Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft

1600 x 900 Memorable Treasures Our Love Can Work Miraclesthe-completeness-of-god


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