Clair de Lune by Debussy and The beauty of the power of literacy by JC Angelcraft

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o1, The beauty of literacy is that it can lead us to great histories and our collective past that we share not knowing clearly how much our souls are part of the histories we so love to read and the books that we return to even hundred years later and now known as the classics.

02.  And as much as I love to read the autobiography of Hellen Keller or even the works of mary Shelly I am all at once struck how important reading is the memory of our hearts desire and that is for many the written word.

03.  Then it hits me like a ton of bricks that much of the greatest literacy of the world is seldom seen as literacy and it is in fact inside the world’s great mainstream religions in as many languages.

04.  And to the damaged souls of the day who invested or did not invest in their education, I can see their frustration with religion and with religious books which is why regular literacy is so important to opening up the soul to ministry or therapy or just plain simple conversation.

05. I have degree in Psychology a Master of Science, I know the importance of getting people to open up to talk speak their minds about their current life their joys or disappointments and maybe why they did not go to school or get as much education as they might have liked.

06.  Education, I say to many people,  is a personal affair and you do not need a degree to be acknowledged as a great writer by the world of academics.  All you need to be is a great writer and everything else will work itself out.  Abraham Lincoln was a great writer and self-educated and I use him as a basis for many world citizens that the possibility for greatness lays in your determination to become educated doing whatever it takes and reading books without reward like Abraham Lincoln who wrote the Gettysburg address a historical document and a memorable speech.

07.  Writing for me was never a career goal, it just happened and there are as many writers as there are fish in the sea and each one has a good story to tell or say and in my book all writers who make the effort should be proud of themselves and its up tp them if they wish to share their work freely on the Internet or not.

08.  Self publishing is good way to see your work come to life and it really does not cost as much as you would think. has various different ways you can self-publish and still there are other reputable companies who will help you to self-publish.

09.  Believe it or not good children’s books sell well and are easy to write and a good way to get started, but the market is intense and many talented and good-natured people are in the businesses fighting for your dollar.

10.  With regards to literacy,  I also believe in owning good hardback books and keeping a library.  But the great thing about the Internet is the wealth of literacy at your fingertips and once again I am going to share with you Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein a Victoria(n) Era Novel, that means Queen Victoria Era 1800’s.  Enjoy reading Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.

11. For my good religious Folk,  Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is not a universal recommendation nor do I require that you read this  Literary Classic.  You know where to find to find the good books you love so much.  You should also know that my depth of perception is keen and I get as much enjoyment from reading Mary’s book as  a good Holy Book and I like to speculate on the spiritual implications of this 1831 classic, but it is not for everyone.  Also, I do not agree with the Artwork, so try not to let it bother you when you come across it if you attempt to read the book.

12. The voice of awe and wonder and the spectacular and sometimes the literal Ghost and scary stories is God’s way of attracting certain kinds of people back to the written word wherein lay unseen treasures for the mind to ponder and discuss in book clubs and reading circles.

13.  But in all things stick to reading what makes you feel safe and by no means enter into all the realms where the son of man must delve to pull people from the fires of hell in a different way.


Son Altesse Royale Jose Maria Chavira M.S, Adagio 1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft

From “American Monarch Film Festival” at Youtube still under constrcution.

Get good film Ideas and Ideas for your scripts by reading old classics and focus on good characterization by the writers of each book you read, Victoria(n) Era Novels focus intensely on the characters and dedicate whole chapters at times to the psychological development of the character and is a very different style of writing than todays novels.

In your reading ask yourself what character stands out to you the most and how will you bring something similar to life in your own short film. JC Angelcraft

Literacy: Project Guttenburg Libros Books in Spanish French and various languages.

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